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The Gilding

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The poster series “The Gilding” deals with the phenomenon that, in China, certain objects are valued higher when they have been imported from abroad, much like Chinese students who have gained experience in a foreign country and hold a degree from an international university. This is the reason why Chinese furniture is imported to Italy and then reimported. A meth-od which serves to achieve a higher market value. Since this phenomenon is also known as “gilding”, the poster series aims at visualising this principle by using different motifs that all share the common element of a gold and black colour combination. For instance, one poster explores a typographical approach that boldly declares the “gilding” principle in black letters set against a golden backdrop, while a second one features a barcode in the form of gold bullions. Each poster is meant to correspond to the type of people who, thanks to their international experience, know how to give a good account of themselves.

Statement by the Jury

The colours of black and gold are outstandingly suited to illustrating the Chinese phenomenon of “gilding” as they immediately catch the eye. The excellent concept and its skilfully crafted implementation comprise different motifs that reveal the entire scope of the issue and tell the story through ingenious and outstandingly expressive visualisations.

[Red Dot: Junior Award]
  • University:
    Royal College of Art, London
  • Design:
    Yanfeng Xia, London
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