The Graduation Exhibition 2010. The Funen Art Academy

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In spring 2010 eleven graduates of the Funen Art Academy presented their works in the Brandts art gallery in Odense, Denmark. In addition to the exhibition a catalogue was published that introduces the eleven artists and their works. The task was to portrait each artist individually, yet, at the same time, achieve a harmonious, comprehensive publication. Individuality was achieved by offering the artists to design their entries personally on the double-pages and most of them taking advantage of this option. The self-contained look of the publication was achieved with the chapter front pages for each artist’s entry: each of them displays a single graphic ele-ment that can be found on the cover of the catalogue.

  • Client:
    Funen Art Academy, Odense
  • Design:
    Designbolaget, Copenhagen
  • creative direction/art direction:
    Claus Due
  • concept:
    Claus Due
  • graphic design:
    Claus Due, Henriette Kruse Jørgensen