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The Lonely Lives of Miserable Men

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“The Lonely Lives of Miserable Men” represents the lives and accomplishments of lonely and forgotten individuals, such as Nikola Tesla, who helped shape the world we live in today. Tesla was responsible for powering the world with his alternating current, but is now relegated to the past without so much as a nod. This project employs the comic book format and sequential art to bring to light his life and achievements, and to communicate why his genius should be remembered today. The black-and-white ink drawings in this graphic novel tell the story of this electrical engineer, who was born in Croatia and emigrated to the USA, in detailed and elaborately crafted illustration. They invite readers to travel straight back in time to before the turn to the 20th century to experience and learn about Tesla’s inventions and his life full of personal drawbacks, by opening up a world of images that are marked by compelling distinction and expressivity. Statement by the jury »History is not always fair – against this backdrop this book retraces the life and destiny of Nikola Tesla with ink drawings that reflect the aesthetic style prominent back in Tesla’s lifetime at the turn of the last century. Both the idea for the content and the outstanding craftsmanship of the drawings are convincing.«

  • Client:
    Massey University, Wellington
  • Design:
    Brodie Nel, Joshua Thompson, Massey University, Wellington
  • supervising professor:
    Lee Jensen