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The New Eurosport Player

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Conceived as a cross-media video player for the network Eurosport, the live sports experience places the user centre stage. Against the backdrop that sports fans have an insatiable desire for supporting content – craving the ability to choose camera angles, select a specific replay or check statistics – this tool integrates second-screen content directly over the video, so users do not have to leave the live event. In order to facilitate easy access, the player is available on PCs, mobile devices and tablets (iOS, Android and Windows Mobile), as well as gaming systems and connected TVs.

  • Product Management:
    Nelson Kontogom
  • Client:
    Eurosport, Issy-les-Moulineaux
  • Managing Partner Design:
    Felipe Memoria
  • Design:
    Work & Co, New York
  • Design Direction:
    Andre Cunha
  • Design Team:
    Hugo Albönete, Chris Willet, Seth Terpstra