Packaging Design for Limited Edition

The Olive Oil Experience

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A richly illustrated gift box contains this limited-edition set of high-quality olive oils. A collage on the cardboard lid introduces the individual motifs featured on the olive tins inside the box. The design of each individual tin captures the unique character of one of the three countries of origin: Spain, Italy or Portugal. Symbols that are characteristic of the respective country as well as culturally relevant scenes distinguish the independent styles of illustration, with all sharing the same colour spectrum. The use of warm tones is a visual cue pointing towards the Mediterranean climate, necessary for growing olives. The lower section of the gift box, which is black, supports the exclusive, high-quality feel of the illustrations.

  • Client:
    Think Global Taste Local Lda., Estoril
  • Design:
    NTGJ, Packaging & Brand Design, Lisbon
  • head of marketing:
    Pedro Jardim
  • creative direction/concept:
    Guilherme Jardim
  • graphic design:
    Guilherme Jardim
  • project management:
    Guilherme Jardim
  • photography:
    Vladimir Pospelov
  • illustration:
    Mário Belém, Mar Hernández, Mauro De Donatis
  • printing:
    Marka’s, Cabugs, Litarte