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The iPad app ADAM&YOU enables virtual test drives, supporting the configuration and decision-making process. As high-end 3D visualisation solution, this configurator app was created in the style of a computer game for the launch of the new Opel ADAM in Europe. In doing so, it combines technologies such as the Unity 3D game engine with high-end 2D visualisations of the model and its surroundings. By including a virtual test drive function, ADAM&YOU provides a wholly new, dynamic experience of the automobile during the configuration process. The result can be shared and discussed with friends via various social media channels. Available in seven languages, the app’s successful launch and the extremely positive user response have now led to develop other app versions for Android-based mobile end devices and the iPhone. Statement by the jury »The Opel ADAM configuration app is fascinating because it pushes the boundaries of what comparable configurators have to offer. The playful aspect of allowing users to virtually customise and then test-drive their personal car model, by turning the iPad into a steering wheel, is highly original. The design convinces with its clear layout and appealing appearance.«

  • Client:
    Adam Opel AG
  • Design:
    Gunnar Menzel, g-p-u-n-k
  • project management:
    Thomas Bernd (Project Manager Digital Marketing)
  • game integration/visualisation/ model preparation:
    RTT AG
  • sound design/production:
    Bram van der Poel
  • 2d programming:
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