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The Paper Skin

The Paper Skin | Red Dot Design Award

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Fedrigoni’s “Constellation Jade” is a packaging paper with extraordinary material properties, surviving heavy abrasion, withstanding extreme temperatures and resisting aggressive liquids. To exhibit these characteristics, a sample book was designed in the guise of an upmarket Leica X2 packaging. Furthermore, a limited edition was created by committing a true design sacrilege: Leica’s iconic black leather camera body covering was officially replaced with the shimmering mother-of-pearl “Constellation Jade” becoming an integral part of the product. In doing so, the paper that usually serves as the second skin in the form of packaging becomes the first skin and part of the product. A subtle design idea thus turned a luxury brand into an ambassador for a low-interest product. The camera comes in an exclusive box made entirely of paper which looks like a paper sample book with only the camera lens being visible at first, wrapped in 15 layers of high-quality design paper in premium tones of silver, grey and brown. Unpacking the camera thus turns into an extraordinary brand experience.

Statement by the Jury

For “The Paper Skin”, two premium brands came together to realise a highly unusual project: the traditional leather camera body covering of a Leica camera was replaced by an exclusive, extremely durable paper. Wrapped up in an exquisite, handmade box, the two brands present their commitment to highest quality in a convincing manner.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Fedrigoni Deutschland GmbH, Oberhaching
  • Design:
    Geometry Global Germany, Frankfurt/Main
  • Chief Creative Officer:
    Christian Mommertz
  • Creative Direction:
    Felix Dürichen
  • Deputy Managing Director:
    Maik Hofmann
  • Account Management:
    Saskia Schomacher
  • Type Design:
    Stefan Hecht
  • Art Direction:
    Sabine Brinkmann, Martin Wojciechowski
  • Media Design:
    Johanna Wötzel, Alexander Keil, Mathias Bossler
  • Text:
    Sabine Weber
  • Packaging:
    Edelmann Group
  • Film:
    Maik Scharfscheer, Thomas X. Stoll
The Paper Skin | Red Dot Design Award
The Paper Skin | Red Dot Design Award
The Paper Skin | Red Dot Design Award