Red Dot Design Award

The Smallest Revolution in the World

The Smallest Revolution in the World | Red Dot Design Award

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Scientifically proven and sound, EAP® hybrid abutment combines the aesthetic appeal of a hybrid abutment with the biocompatibility of a titanium abutment. Its goal is to become the gold standard of abutments and to offer clear advantages over other titanium abutments in terms of aesthetic appeal. The design-related glue joint of the hybrid abutment can easily and quickly be displaced coronally to a maximum level with EAP®. This guarantees an optimal reduction of cytotoxic influence of the glue joint. Cells find the best conditions to attach to the abutment enabling the formation of “biological width” to a physiological measure. EAP® features another crucial added value: The abutment can be co-moulded in one piece in every ceramic and independent of materials. This offers unique aesthetic appeal and the issue of residual glue can be eliminated. No other hybrid adhesive base on the market is able to combine these two decisive factors. The possibility of modifying the titanium edge offers dentists and dental technicians more space for treatment in case of an unfavourable gingival line. The abutment can be adjusted and seated easily and quickly to an ongoing situation. Cell behaviour was scientifically documented in a prospective human study and illustrated with more than 160 electron-microscopic images. All attention is focused on the abutment. EAP® stands for the perfect complete solution technology, function and aesthetic appeal.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    EAP Produktions- und Patentverwertungs-GmbH, Austria
  • Design Lead:
    Prof. Mario Kern
  • Design:
    Dr. Birgit Kern
The Smallest Revolution in the World | Red Dot Design Award