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Running Shirt

THE TRICK® 4.0 Run Shirt

THE TRICK® 4.0 Run Shirt | Red Dot Design Award

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THE TRICK 4.0 Run Shirt activates the body’s thermoregulation earlier than previous ones and thus increases the performance in two ways. It prevents physical overheating and acts like a turbo for the other technologies that support the sweat management of the shirt. This holds especially true for the new 3D knit ThermoSyphon, which regulates the ­temperature on the outside and the sweat on the inside. A complex system of tunnels and channels with increased thread count per mm increases the evaporation area and improves stability even during movement.

Statement by the Jury

The state-of-the-art technology and workmanship of THE TRICK 4.0 Run Shirt merge into a maturely functional and performance-enhancing product.

Red Dot Design Award