Red Dot Design Award
Arm-Assisting Robot Vest

The Vest Exoskeleton (VEX)

The Vest Exoskeleton (VEX) | Red Dot Design Award

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The Vest Exoskeleton (VEX) is an arm-assisting robot vest that makes longer overhead activities easier and safer. It creates a friendly impression with its curved forms and soft feel. VEX can be adjusted to body size, fits comfortably and allows natural arm movements with a full range of motion. The completely mechanically working vest uses a polycentric axis that combines multiple pivot points with multi-link upper arm support, which gives the user relief when working with heavy weights.

Statement by the Jury

VEX significantly facilitates strenuous activity with its arm assistance and impressively demonstrates how the close connection between man and machine can facilitate work and make it more efficient.

Red Dot Design Award