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Multifunctional Wall

The Wall

The Wall | Red Dot Design Award

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Imagination and design

By creating expressive forms for possible scenarios of future living, design has a significant influence on the planning and realisation of new ideas. Design thus also shapes the zeitgeist. The Wall is a novel modular rear panel system available in different surfaces that are easy to use and configure in a variety of ways thanks to being a sophisticated multifunctional assembly system. Their design combines modern technology with practical interior applications developed for current living environments. The innovative, light sandwich construction integrates mounting rails to form a modular, flexible construction wall. Connected in four phases, the rails allow a diverse range of assemblies, while the 6 mm thin shelves feature integrated LEDs ensuring that, when desired, they effectively catch the eye. USB docks can be added at the planning stage for creating individual arrangements with electricity and light exactly where wanted. Moreover, kitchen scales, contactless charging units, spotlights and other applications can also be added. All the accessories for this multifunctional, luminous rear panel system are freely positionable on the tracks, allowing for fully customisable configurations. The panel can be assembled quickly and easily. The sophisticated structural system features a minimalist and modern design vocabulary for staging and highlighting objects as needed.

Statement by the Jury

This multifunctional wall fascinates with the idea of creatively expanding an otherwise traditional construction with various elements. It allows to easily plan and precisely add electricity for light, as well as other user-defined elements, wherever needed for customisation. The result are fascinating additions to interiors – additions that are highly technical in nature, but exude a very natural look. The panel thus realises a concept through a captivating simple logic.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    Orea AG, Zürich, Switzerland
  • In-house design:
    Orea Design
The Wall | Red Dot Design Award
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