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The Workshop of Taiwan | Red Dot Design Award

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In the 1980s, Taiwan used to be the kingdom of tools, but as the industry started to shift focus, this kingdom has slowly waned. Therefore, this series of hand tool packaging has been designed to move hand tools back into the spotlight. The concept of the packaging is to directly convey the correct method of using the tools. For example, the use of a hammer is to hit an object; the use of a wrench is to tighten or loosen bolts or nuts; and the use of pliers is to cut or twist wires. These typical actions are visualised in clear, detailed illustrations and complemented by indispensable technical achievements, including trains, ships or power poles. In addition, the form of these packages and how they enwrap each tool also hint at the way of using the specific tool inside. Thus, even people who do not know how to handle the tools may intuitively experience and become familiar with them. Furthermore, the sophisticated packaging includes a user manual and has been designed so that every single one of the tools fits in a specially designed compartment of the container.

Statement by the Jury

This packaging design inspires with a sophisticated and skilfully crafted design concept. From the detailed and well-implemented illustrations to the historical background of Taiwan’s tool tradition, as well as the outstanding components of the packaging itself that provide appropriate explanations and protective instructions for each tool. The entire packaging meets highest design standards in terms of both form and self-explanatory content.

Red Dot Design Award

[Red Dot: Junior Award]
  • University:
    Shu-Te University, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
  • Design:
    Li-Ting Chou Ting-Feng Hsu Qi-En Tang Han-Yi Huang Jia-Yi Wang Hsuan-Yu Lin Department of Visual Communication Design Shu-Te University
The Workshop of Taiwan | Red Dot Design Award
The Workshop of Taiwan | Red Dot Design Award
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