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Thies Rätzke Photography

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Thies Rätzke is a Hamburg-based photographer focusing mainly on portrait, editorial and corporate photography. His recently redesigned identity is based on a simple word mark and the combination of two key colours, a fresh yellow and a solid grey. With a little tweak on the letter “Ä”, as the most outstanding letter in his name, and the colour of the typography managed to rely on the term “photography” in a very subtle way. The visual identity is both discrete and eye-catching, convincingly reflecting the photographer’s work and his approach to it.

  • Client:
    Thies Rätzke Photography, Hamburg
  • Design:
    Convoy Interactive, Hamburg
  • art direction:
    Marc Antosch
  • graphic design:
    Marc Antosch, Marijoy Majometano
  • photography:
    Thies Rätzke
  • programming:
    Ulf Spethmann (Front End), Konrad Abmeier, Kai Heusinger (Back End)