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ThinkVision M14

ThinkVision M14 | Red Dot Design Award

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Mobile lightness

In the digital age, the living reality of many people is defined by flexible work. The ThinkVision M14 mobile display has been specially developed and perfectly adapted for use on the go. It can be used in a variety of settings such as for holding meetings, making effective presentations and participating in video conferences from almost anywhere. It can easily be positioned as a USB-C mobile monitor to extend the display of a desktop, laptop or even a smartphone with a single plug. At 4.4 mm, it is ultra-thin and weighs in at only 570 grams. Two innovative USB Type-C ports on either side of the monitor make for optimal and effortless connectivity. These ports support both power and video delivery simultaneously from a single port. Furthermore, the “power pass-through” design requires only one adapter for both powering the monitor and charging the notebook or smartphone at the same time. Once successfully connected, the 14" Full HD display offers brilliantly sharp images and a wide viewing angle for enjoying content together. The ThinkVision M14 mobile display also impresses with its ergonomic design that enables users to conveniently adjust the tilt angle to need. Since the USB Type-C ports feature on both sides, the monitor is suitable for right and left-handed people, further enhancing user comfort.

Statement by the Jury

The particular strength of the ThinkVision M14 mobile display is that it is outstandingly thin and lightweight. Its innovative slim housing is the result of a well-thought-out design objective. Designed for use on the go, it offers enormous flexibility such as in meetings or for presentations. Connecting easily via USB-C, the display makes for comfortable working conditions, delivering a performance that is efficient and highly functional.

Red Dot Design Award

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