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Three Behaviors Of Using Sauce Dish

Three Behaviors  Of Using Sauce Dish | Red Dot Design Award

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Sauce dishes on a Chinese dining table may seem an everyday occurrence, but their simple countenance holds more meaning than their contents reveal. They are the foundation for an unspoken poetry that all Chinese people are familiar with – the dance of a hand dipping, wiping, and spreading a tasty morsel in sauce, oil, or powder in preparation for enjoyment. Three Behaviors of Using Sauce Dish is a series of three dishes that pay quiet homage to this set of mannerisms. The dishes’ contours are designed to complement the properties of each food.. For example, the flat “spreading” dish presents a maximised area of contact, allowing users to coat their bite of food in powder with great ease. The “wiping” dish features a shallow reservoir on one side, encouraging users to gently wipe their food morsel on the gentle incline of the slope and ensuring an optimal amount of sauce. Finally, the “dipping” dish invites users to roll off excess sauce or oil of the food against the raised mound in the middle, thus preserving the integrity of the intended bite.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Institution:
    WuYi University, China
  • Faculty Advisor:
    Prof. Chen ZhenYi, Prof. Wen WeiCai
  • Design:
    Prof. He WenHui, Lin GuoHong, Prof. Ou JianYu
Three Behaviors  Of Using Sauce Dish | Red Dot Design Award