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Thunderbird Inn

Thunderbird Inn | Red Dot Design Award

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The oldest form of greeting a customer, reception is one of the main hospitality services, but the concept needed reinvention. Thunderbird Inn noticed that its guests were only going to Reception when they had to check in or check out, pick up keys or report a problem. An app was therefore created to manage these tasks while ensuring that guests could use this service easily without feeling like the human component was missing.    Using the service concept of “letting reception come to you,” a “digital” reception is created in each room. Guests who are more comfortable with technology and want the convenience of fast, hassle-free service can use the app for reception-related questions or services. An iPad with this custom app already installed is provided in each room, and the app connects to the Internet of Things, as well as different departments of the motel.   With this digital service concept, there is also an opportunity for new revenue by placing full-screen advertisements of local businesses on the iPads, thus enticing businesses to partner with Thunderbird Inn and promote their offers. To document the customers’ experience with the service, a customer journey map is created to understand how customers are interacting with the current service and with the new service concept.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Christine Everdell, Nik Parekh , United States