Tianzi No. 1

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Tianzi No. 1 is a cigarette brand with a packaging design that reinterprets expressive motifs from Taoist culture. In China, Tianzi is a dragon. The key visual creates the shape of a flying dragon by using the two Chinese characters “tian” and “zi” written in calligraphy. A delicate embossing is applied to the pure white and textured paper in order to highlight the white colour and space. With regard to structure, the outer cigarette packaging is designed to slide open to one side, while the inside is lined with aluminium foil featuring the design of a wave and cliff pattern from traditional emperor costumes.

  • Design:
    TigerPan Packaging Design Lab., Shenzhen
  • Art Direction:
    Tiger Pan
  • Client:
    TigerPan Packaging Design Lab., Shenzhen