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Timer Bottle

Timer Bottle | Red Dot Design Award

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It is sometimes hard for patients to follow a schedule for taking medicine, which affects the effectiveness of their treatment plan. When a patient is on the move, he or she needs to have drinking water around to take their medicine too. Timer Bottle is a medicine schedule reminder and a cup all in one so that patients will never forget about their medicine or to carry along drinking water. Timer Bottle is a special bottle composed of an upper section that works as a drinking cup, and a lower section that works as a pill case incorporated with a reminder function. Patients can set intervals for taking their medicine accordingly by rotating the case. When it is time to take medicine, Timer Bottle will sound an alert tone. The alert will stop when the patient takes the pills out of the case. Timer Bottle can also be used as a regular water bottle in daily life.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Huang Yunlei, Niu Guilin, China