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Timing Mosquito Incense

Timing Mosquito Incense | Red Dot Design Award

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Mosquitoes can be hard to keep away, especially with conventional mosquito coils – once lit, they are a hassle to extinguish. This translates into high costs due to the need for constant replacement, as well as excessive exposure to harmful gases. Timing Mosquito Incense implements two simple solutions to this problem – a simple metal clip, and notched incense. The notches display units of time to help users control how long the incense is burnt for by appropriately positioning the metal clip, while the metal clip’s conductivity easily halts the incense’s burning. The system’s ease of use and its economical nature can hopefully translate into the popularisation of mosquito-prevention, ultimately helping to keep mosquito-borne diseases at bay.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Li Jiayi, China