Exhibition Design

TING – Technology and Democracy

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On the occasion of the Norwegian Museum of Technology’s 100th anniversary, visitors of this exhibition passed several exhibit sections that aimed to invite visitors to explore and discuss the complex relationships between various technologies. Forming an analogue contrast, basic wooden blocks were handed out as haptic tools for visitors to trigger digital interactions and cast personal votes within the exhibition. The centrepiece of the exhibition was the amphitheatre-like space with an interactive table as well as a shelf that displayed 100 objects from the museum’s permanent collection.

  • Client:
    Norsk Teknisk Museum, Oslo
  • Design:
    Ralph Appelbaum Associates, Inc., Berlin; TAMSCHICK MEDIA+SPACE GmbH, Berlin
  • Curator/Lead Project Management:
    Tone Rasch
  • General Planning/Exhibition Design:
    Ralph Appelbaum Associates, Inc., Berlin
  • Creative Design:
    Timothy Ventimiglia
  • Media Design/Production:
  • Creative Direction:
    Marc Tamschick
  • Sound Design/Composition:
    Stefan Will, BLUWI Music and Sounddesign GbR