Stacking Chair


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The Tipo is an aesthetic and functional multi-purpose stacking chair. It is available in three different backrests and two types of seats. The “mesh seat and back” option weighs as little as 3.5 kg and is thus easy to lift and reposition. This is complemented by a concise handle that is harmoniously integrated into the backrest. A high degree of seating comfort is fostered by the combination of a mesh-type seat displaying a good distribution of pressure and a torsion bar frame with a flexible polypropylene backrest. Thanks to the use of recycled materials, the chair also features an eco-friendly design, and all individual components are recyclable as well. Last but not least, the well-thought-out construction allows for a complete disassembly into all specific material types.

  • Manufacturer:
    Aichi Co., Ltd., Japan
  • In-house design:
    Aichi Co., Ltd., Taku Kumazawa, Japan