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Titti Qvarnström – A Woman Chef Full of Surprises

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Titti Qvarnström is the head chef and owner of the “bloom in the park” restaurant, a black wooden cabin in an idyllic park in Malmö, Sweden. This movie portrays the young Swede who keeps surprising and troubling the stronghold of men with her “Menu surprise”. It successfully documents her attitude of “throwing yourself in head first” and how passionate she is about creating nice experiences, matching textures and flavours, as well as colours and visual aesthetics. The fresh wind that blows through her kitchen brings forth dishes such as caramelised cotton or bread blackened with charcoal.

  • Editorial Work:
    Peter Würth
  • Art Direction:
    Dirk Linke
  • Client:
    Gaggenau Hausgeräte GmbH, Munich
  • Publisher:
  • Design:
    ringzwei, Hamburg