Gift Box

TK FOOD Assorted Flavours

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A sophisticated packaging design characterises this set of four cookie boxes. A plain outer box partially encapsules the four individual packages, with the two black packaging elements artfully tied together with a light-brown paper cord. The overall impression of a gift box is intentional and offers the advantage of easy handling. Thanks to a cord loop at the top, the box can be easily transported. Each cookie box contains 20 individual cookies, the taste of which is conveyed by typography and colouring.

  • Client:
    TK FOOD CO., LTD., Chiayi City
  • Design:
    Victor Branding Design Corp., Taichung
  • head of marketing:
    Ying-Fa Wang
  • creative direction:
    Chung-Yuen Kuo
  • art direction:
    Bee Liu
  • graphic design:
    Becky Hung
  • text:
    Lynn Lin