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To Be Human

To Be Human | Red Dot Design Award

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The words “Soul”, “Love” and “Hope” expressed in this series of three posters are the three pillars of the theme “To Be Human”. The three Os in these keywords serve as important symbols and as the medium of the design concept: each O was drilled in the middle to achieve a three-dimensional effect and thus encourage beholders to take part in the exploration of the theme. These openings serve as symbolic windows through which beholders can exhibit themselves and understand the existence of others at the same time. Each word was given an individual design that aims to reflect its meaning and content, an appearance that is further underlined by the addition of the words soul, love and hope in Korean writing. Furthermore, the backgrounds feature abstract images and signs intended to represent the significance of existence, harmony with others, and the protection of nature and the environment. Statement by the jury »This poster series bundles the human existence with the terms of love, soul and hope and manages to visualise this successfully. The three-dimensional effect, achieved through the openings in the Os, emerges as an interactive momentum that transfers the content to a higher level. The series also playfully integrates the tactile qualities of the strong but roughened paper.«

  • Client:
    Paper-road executive committee, Seoul
  • Design:
    601bisang, Seoul
  • creative direction:
    Kum-Jun Park
  • graphic design/illustration:
    Kum-Jun Park
  • concept:
    Jung-Hye Lee
  • coordination:
    Ji-Yoon Oh
To Be Human | Red Dot Design Award
To Be Human | Red Dot Design Award
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