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Tone and Tune

Tone and Tune | Red Dot Design Award

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Every material has a unique vibration frequency. Using material type, frequency, thickness, patterns, and more, one can create unique tones easily via vibration. The design objective of Tone and Tune is to change the tone colour by interacting two materials and making use of their unique vibration frequencies. Also, listening to music with speakers made of low-cost materials often result in unnatural tones and sound distortion. To adjust the sound as intended, a high-density material like concrete is needed. The operating principle is as follows: A general speaker vibrates according to Fleming's law – when an electric current passes through the diaphragm around which the coil is wound, the vibrated air sounds the cone paper. However, Tone and Tune is somewhat peculiar. It emits sound by directly vibrating an object that is in contact with the diaphragm, rather than passing sound through air. Each material is connected with a vinyl material to create a new paradigm in which the tone changes according to the vibration frequency, thickness and pattern of the material. Tone and Tune reinterprets the behaviour of existing products and is differentiated from them as a result.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Sohn Jeong Hwan, South Korea