Red Dot Design Award

Tool Apron Backpack

Tool Apron Backpack | Red Dot Design Award

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For craftsmen, designers and builders, tool aprons can be inconvenient to carry around all the time. Aiming to solve this problem, Tool Apron Backpack can be folded into a tool satchel. For moving around, simply fold the tools into the bag and go. When working, unfold the bag and it becomes a tool apron again, making it easier to access the tools and improve work efficiency.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Shenzhen C60Design Co., Ltd., China
  • Design Lead:
    Chu Wenbao
  • Design:
    Deng Xiaohong, Tang Lingying, Liu Xingyu, Wei Shiyou, Zhang Feng
  • Design Partner:
    Shenzhen Yishan Design Co., Ltd, China
  • Team Lead:
    Jiang Tianxing