Educational Illustration


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Developed for the conference and exhibition Offshore Northern Seas (ONS), this mobile app allows the company TOTAL to share its aspirations, achievements and activities with visitors. The aim was to tell the story of a completely new way to build and operate an oil and gas field. The app was conceived as a flexible tool to support conversation by giving verbal prompts during the course of a talk. Clear and vividly illustrated, it consistently focused on the act of narrating and thus facilitated the representation of complex content.

  • Client:
    Total E&P Norge AS, Stavanger
  • Design:
    Fasett, Stavanger
  • Creative Direction:
    Egil Alv Andreassen
  • Graphic Design/Digital Production:
    Eva Ebbesen Munkvik
  • Illustration:
    Elin Kjøsnes
  • Copywriting:
    Elin Bergsåker Sola
  • Account Management:
    Pål Hjorth Berge
  • Animation:
    Headspin, Trondheim
  • Programming:
    Katachi, Oslo
  • Photography:
    Anne Lise Norheim, Stavanger