Bio-Imaging Scanner

Touch Imager

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The Touch Imager uses electronic light-sensitive units instead of conventional film for data acquisition. This enables bio-scientific experiments to be carried out on a device with a size as small as a laptop instead of in a darkroom. Since an optical lens is not required either, the scanner is twenty times smaller than the commonly used CCD camera, which offers greater flexibility in the research laboratory. The powerful electric detector and the manner of direct optical acquisition also confer Touch Imager a super sensitivity which is much higher than that of film and CCD cameras.

Statement by the Jury

Touch Imager translates complex technology into a simple, geometric design language, which is systematically present in all components.

  • Manufacturer:
    Shanghai E-Blot Photoelectrics Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China
  • Design:
    Hefei Moma Industrial Design Co., Ltd., Wei Ding Yukang Li, Shanghai, China