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Tower PTC Heater-Series

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This series of heaters features devices in three different sizes conceived for use in rooms of various dimensions. The tall version is suitable for large living spaces, the medium-sized version for small- to midsized bedrooms, while the small version can be placed, for example, on a desk. The air channels are arranged in such a way that the air is expelled vertically, thus solving the problem of low heating performance found in conventional heaters. As the heaters are column-shaped, they require only little floor space.

Statement by the Jury

This series offers heaters with different capacities, allowing users to equip all of their rooms with uniformly designed heating units.

  • Manufacturer:
    GD Midea Environment Appliances Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Zhongshan, China
  • In-house design:
    Hou Wei, Meng Yi Lang, Tong Ying