Red Dot Design Award
Range Hood

Tower-Shaped Ventilator E662AHE

Tower-Shaped Ventilator E662AHE | Red Dot Design Award

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The E662AHE range hood has been developed with the objective of ensuring that the user does not hit his head on the corner of the hood. The design concept “Curved Surface Angel” solves this problem by providing the E662AHE with sides which have rounded corners. For this, a seamless metal welding technology was used, making the hood appear as though it were made of one casting. “Smart Air Volume” technology recognises the air channel pressure automatically and adjusts the rotational speed of the DC motor accordingly.

Statement by the Jury

The appearance of the range hood makes an impression of high precision and quality. A well-considered feature is the chamfered corners, which prevent painful collision with the hood.

Red Dot Design Award