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Travel Kit

Travel Kit | Red Dot Design Award

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Travel Kit provides all the essential small electronics that one will need while travelling. Three modules – a hairdryer function, a shaver and electric toothbrush – are neatly compacted into a streamlined form; a small compartment that forms the base of the kit houses the power cord for the whole device, as well as a battery module with USB port for the charging of mobile devices. Travel Kit automatically organises these electronics for the travel bag and minimises the amount of space that they would normally occupy. All the modules are stacked in a space-efficient manner to minimise the total volumetric mass. The modules are also easily detachable. If necessary for travel restrictions, the shaver can be left out of the kit. Travel Kit adds convenience and comfort to any travel journey.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Choi Jaewan, Kim Kyuseok, Kim Myungnyun, Youn Heejin, South Korea