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Travel Symphony

Travel Symphony | Red Dot Design Award

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Business travelling entails one thing above all: stress. That is what this TV commercial, which accompanies a travelling businessman, aims to express. It starts in a hotel room where the man is woken by the insistent ringing of an alarm clock at five in the morning. He then catches a taxi and, on his way, is delayed by a garbage truck driving backwards onto the road. The scenes are accompanied by a soundtrack of incessant electronic alarm sounds and noises, such as a taxi radio communication system, people-screeners at the airport, many different ringtones of mobile phones on the airplane and the distance warning system of the rental car he rents. At the end, drops of sweat are forming on his forehead when, at the gate of a company’s premises and only metres away from his destination, the two gate bars are alternately moving upwards and downwards, impeding his entrance. The question “Business Travel?” appears on the screen, before the commercial switches to silence, showing the man sleeping blithely in a train – the promise of a relaxing and quiet alternative way of business travelling. Statement by the jury »This commercial is rather bold for the standards of the Deutsche Bahn in choosing a grandiose narrative strategy to convey its message. Combined with a sophisticated sound design, which underlines the self-contained and innovative approach of the commercial, this ‘Travel Symphony’ turns into a successful realisation.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    DB Mobility Logistics AG, Berlin
  • Design:
    Ogilvy Frankfurt, Frankfurt/Main
  • creative direction:
    Dr. Stephan Vogel
  • art direction:
    Bent Kroggel, Catrin Farrenschon
  • text:
    Bent Kroggel, Daniel de Leuw
  • project management:
    Roland Stauber, Martina Huschka
  • production:
    Michael Heinemeyer, Julia Stärkel
  • film production:
    Martin Schmid, doity Produktion GmbH
  • music/sound design:
    Lars Kellner, Sinus AV Studio
Travel Symphony | Red Dot Design Award
Travel Symphony | Red Dot Design Award
Travel Symphony | Red Dot Design Award
Travel Symphony | Red Dot Design Award
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