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TrendViz creates visual summaries and shows how data analysis of online content can be visualised in an intuitive way. Driven by complex and intelligent self-learning algorithms, this tool scans, filters and analyses content and presents patterns, relations and tone of voice relevant to the individual user. Topics within large volume sources are thus presented individually, guided by a custom set of keywords. That way, TrendViz allows to quickly get an overview of large volumes of data, deep-dive into the original sources to a desired extent and keep the users up-to-date with trends as they emerge.

  • Client:
    TrendViz, Utrecht
  • Design:
    CLEVER°FRANKE, Utrecht
  • Creative Direction:
    Thomas Clever, Gert Franke
  • Web Design:
    Jonas Groot Kormelink, Wouter Van Dijk
  • Technical Direction:
    Bruno Jakic, Mark Mooij, AI Applied, Amsterdam