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Tresides Asset Management

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This imagebook for the company Tresides Asset Management adopts a storytelling approach focusing on the number three, which builds part of the name. It delivers facts, which aim at giving readers information on numbers that can be encountered in daily life. The second part of the book offers and illustrates in-depth know-how on asset management. Addressing a sophisticated target group, the book features a discreet yet precious design. The combination of consistent storytelling with the presentations of in-depth market information delivers high credibility to the brand.

  • Strategic Planning:
    Christine Keim
  • Creative Direction:
    Matthias Keim
  • Editorial Work:
    Jochen Wolf, Tresides Asset Management, Stuttgart
  • Head of Marketing:
    Jochen Sautter
  • Client:
    SÜDWESTBANK AG, Stuttgart
  • Art Direction:
    Benjamin Stetter
  • Text:
    Nadja Mayer, Frankfurt/Main
  • Project Management:
    Thomas Hovemann
  • Design:
    Keim Identity GmbH, Zurich