Red Dot Design Award


TrueGlove | Red Dot Design Award

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The packaging for the TrueGlove brand of domestic gloves looks like a magazine cover. This design introduces the latest trends of the season, gives practical tips and creates a strikingly unconventional brand identity. Besides its informative value, the packaging also incorporates the idea of collecting. Its QR code is linked to the manufacturer’s website and helps consumers to find more gloves with vintage-looking tattoo prints. In contrast to competing products, this packaging conveys a product image that lets domestic gloves appear not just functional but also fashionable and sexy.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    TRUEGLOVE B.V., Saint Petersburg
  • Design:
    Ohmybrand, Moscow
  • Art Direction:
    Nadie Parshina
  • Text:
    Svetlana Chugunova
  • Tattoo:
    Dmitry Hendrikson
  • Artwork:
    Polina Tverdaya
TrueGlove | Red Dot Design Award