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TSR-310 | Red Dot Design Award

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Intuitive interaction

Since there are highly diverse processes involved in intelligent home automation, the systems for controlling heating, lighting and the safety technology also undergo constant improvements. The design of the ­TSR-310 remote control provides an aesthetically and functionally convincing solution for the interaction of users with the complex technology. Equipped with a touchscreen, it promotes uncomplicated control of home automation systems. The precision-crafted and perfectly weighted design follows the objective of optimising the functionality of the predecessor model. The rugged, self-contained construction of the remote has achieved durability and a high-quality appeal. Also impressive are its outstanding ergonomics, complemented by a finely tuned feedback when operating the buttons. Wrapped in a satiny smooth surface, the easy-grip housing of the remote control rests pleasantly in the hand. Features such as voice control, buttons that can be engraved according to custom require­ments and the possibility of creating user profiles offer a high level of convenience. The ­TSR-310 is completely customisable and fully programmable. In use, it offers simple adjustment of the audio volume, easy flipping through channels, browsing the media library and operating the included pan / tilt camera. With just one device, everyone within a home can easily access their favourite entertainment, from TV channels and videos to games and music, at a single push of a button.

Statement by the Jury

Featuring a remarkably innovative interface, this remote control skilfully places user experience centre stage. The touchscreen and a well-thought-out button operation make the ­TSR-310 intuitive and selfexplanatory to use. The remote control rests perfectly balanced in the hand and fascinates with its satiny smooth surface. Completely customisable and fully programmable, it easily and optimally adapts to user needs and requirements.

Red Dot Design Award

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