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Turner Duckworth Moving Card

Turner Duckworth Moving Card | Red Dot Design Award

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In order to celebrate the move from where it was founded to a larger London studio, this mailing was briefed to be memorable and, most importantly, to represent the growth of Turner Duckworth. The humorous observation of being packed in like sardines in a previously much smaller studio formed the basis for the creative idea. The wit and surprise of being confronted by a sardine tin creates a memorable moment whilst also giving a nod to its origins as a packaging design agency. When the tin is ripped open, it reveals a confined typographic Turner Duckworth, representative of the previous lack of space. When fully extended, a descriptive passage captures the benefits of the larger studio, with the name seamlessly incorporated in the copy.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Turner Duckworth, London / San Francisco / New York, United Kingdom / USA
  • Design:
    Turner Duckworth, London / San Francisco / New York, United Kingdom / USA
  • Head of Design:
    David Turner Bruce Duckworth
  • Creative Direction:
    Miles Marshall
  • Design Team:
    Amy Cobain Gavin Hurrell
  • Account Management:
    Isabelle Erixon