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Twins Refrigerator

Twins Refrigerator | Red Dot Design Award

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Designed for families living in small spaces, Twins Refrigerator combines multiple storage needs of refrigeration and wine storage in a single unit. It is designed to be placed between the kitchen and the living space, with two different elevation profiles that correspond to the storage needs of the respective spaces. The “kitchen zone” of Twins faces the kitchen space and has a refrigerator-like door profile. It meets storage needs of a kitchen with three compartments – fridge, freezer and a variable temperature zone for storing spices, vegetables, fruits, meat and other edibles. The “living zone” faces the living space and is designed as a temperature-controlled wine cabinet with some refrigeration compartments for tea leaves, beverages, dessert, ice and skincare products. Both the “kitchen zone” and “living zone” share a refrigerator box, but the internal space is divided and isolated to avoid cross-contamination of food and products. The sharing zone is designed as an independent drawer which can be accessed from both sides.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Hisense Ronshen (Guangdong) Refrigerator Co., Ltd, China
  • Team Lead:
    Ma Suping
  • Design:
    Chen Pengan, Wang Shaolin, Xu Xianhu, Zhu Xiaochun