Vlehan Annual Report 2010

Two decades energy saving

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The annual report of Dutch Vlehan association documents to what degree the energy consumption of household appliances was reduced over the past two decades. The design concept illustrates and compares the consumption of household appliances in 1990 with the consumption in 2010, both in text and image, and in an impressive way. A fold-out poster shows both, illustrations of a modern kitchen and illustrations of a kitchen of the 1990s. In addition, the annual report features two different sorts of paper, is staple bound and, together with the poster, comes in a firm folder.

  • Client:
    Vlehan, Zoetermeer
  • Design:
    52 graden noorderbreedte, Amsterdam
  • concept:
    Edith Lorentz, Piet Jan van Bohemen
  • graphic design:
    Edith Lorentz
  • project management:
    Femke Roeleveld
  • printing:
    Druno en Dekker