Type Capsule

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Type Capsule is an infographic book about typefaces based on a personal survey conducted by the designer. Fascinated by the fact that certain typefaces such as Garamond and Helvetica are more frequently used than others, as they are considered by many as timeless, and that these typefaces are obviously impervious to passing trends, the designer set out to investigate on this preference by asking 432 designers around the world what five typefaces they would select if they could put them into a type capsule for people to find and use in one hundred years. The 125 responses he received were the starting point for a highly interesting exploration comprising a lot of innovatively illustrated statistics in which, for instance, national typeface preferences are shown or the specific use of a typeface for a special content is communicated. This book focuses on the many different typefaces not only as its topic but also uses them as a design means to lend the book a clear and simple style. In addition, the book comes in a wooden slipcase in which the letters the designers were asked about are punched out. Statement by the jury »The design of this book captivates the reader’s attention with its profound exploration of its topic and in particular with the way this has been implemented aesthetically. The layout features a typographic design of discreet colours and a great attention to detail that also reflects in the embossed wooden slipcase that complements and harmoniously rounds off the design.«