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Indispensable for medical examinations, the stethoscope has been used in an almost unchanged shape ever since its invention in 1816. For U scope, the shape and structure of such a device has been skilfully rethought and rebuilt. Guided by the idea of formal refinement, the redesign has focused on overcoming issues often experienced by health personnel during examinations, as the daily use of a stethoscope can quickly lead to troubling earaches and neck pain. The design process also included aspects of improved portability. The result is a high-quality and elegant looking tool that also fascinates in use due to its outstandingly pleasant feel. Following the principles of human engineering, its design resulted in an optimised and self-explanatory method of application. The tips of U scope emerged with an ideal shape that fits perfectly and rests well balanced in the hand, entirely eliminating the need for examiners to ever rethink the grip. In this way, the problem is solved of the stethoscope having to be aligned again with each examination step. Based on a perfectly thought-out and innovative design, U scope offers sophisticated functionality and ergonomics – its elegant aesthetic is an enrichment to daily medical work.

Statement by the Jury

Featuring a sophisticated, intelligent concept, the design of U scope lends the familiar stethoscope an entirely new form and functionality. It impresses with its elegant appearance, which is based not least on a successful choice and combination of materials. All elements have been combined to form a coherent unity. In line with a sophisticated ergonomics, U scope offers an outstandingly simple and comfortable handling.

  • Manufacturer:
    Classico, Inc., Tokyo, Japan
  • In-house design:
    Arata Ohwa
  • Design:
    Yoshio Goodrich Design (Hiroki Yoshitomi), Tokyo, Japan
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