Red Dot Design Award


UAV-SF8A | Red Dot Design Award

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SF8A is a single-rotor turboshaft industrial civil unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed for use in specialised operations. Its DMA modularised layout improves efficiency while minimising the safety risks of personnel. The front cabin module is loaded with electronic devices and the rear cabin carries the main rotor system and engine module. The grills located at the top air foil works as a cooling module that provides a circulated heat vortex for the turboshaft engine. The lower bronze module can be loaded with the mission payload, additional engine and replaceable fuel tank. GPS and signal transmission equipment are housed in the tailing module. The tailing rotor has a diameter of 50 cm and the two tailing LED lights—red on the left and green on the right—enable night-time localisation and recognition. It is also equipped with a 260-mm nacelle for efficient ground surveillance. SF8A can be used in a variety of tasks, including monitoring and survey work, search operations, and transport in complex and high-risk areas.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Asia Art Military (Tianjin) Industry Group, China
  • Design Lead:
    Zhang Heran
  • Design:
    Shen Xiao
  • Manufacturer:
    CMT (Tianjin) Hi-Tech Industry Co., Ltd., China
  • Team Lead:
    Mao Liyuan
UAV-SF8A | Red Dot Design Award