Red Dot Design Award
User Interface Design, User Experience Design


Ukrsibbank | Red Dot Design Award

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This redesign was developed taking into account extensive customer analytics and opinion polls to make online banking as easy and convenient as possible. All basic operations can be accessed from the main page and all in-depth information is cut down to short texts, simple charts and clear icons. Thanks to the clear navigation structure, bank customers can navigate intuitively and get straight to the various functions including expense charts, categorised spending limits, real-time analytics and a messenger service.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Ukrsibbank, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Design:
    Aimbulance, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Strategic Planning:
    Roman Havrysh
  • Art Direction:
    Vladymir Smirnov
  • Web Design:
    Artem Pyvovarov Roman Sapelkyn Alexandra Alyokhina
  • Text:
    Taisia Herasko
Ukrsibbank | Red Dot Design Award
Ukrsibbank | Red Dot Design Award
Ukrsibbank | Red Dot Design Award