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Ultimate Packaging

Ultimate Packaging | Red Dot Design Award

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Packaging is far more than just a protective layer. Not only does it transport the product, but also emotions. Deutsche Telekom designs products that convey simplicity, while finding new ways to surprise and delight, right down to the unboxing of a product. The unpacking is easy, surprising and personal. It offers added value instead of being perceived as a time-consuming burden. The concept of Ultimate Packaging puts the product’s personality in the spotlight and reflects key product aspects in the packaging design. The packaging for Speedport Smart, for example, translates the product attributes – smart, simple and secure – into a concept that enables parts of the packaging materials to be reused cleverly. Easy to open, the packaging unfolds almost by itself. The setting up of the router is simple and self-explanatory, as is the packaging. The sections on the side of the packaging form a practical cable box and the instructions are printed on the cardboard packaging itself, which can then be filed away together with the access data. There is no wastage of materials, just a smart and simple way to repurpose the packaging. In this way, positive emotions are associated with the product from the moment it is removed from the packaging.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Deutsche Telekom AG, Germany
  • Team Lead:
    Philipp Thesen
  • Design:
    Benjamin Altevers, Andreas Boos, Florian Simonis, Nico Weckerle