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Ultra-Lightweight Laser-Cut Tube Jewellery

Ultra-Lightweight Laser-Cut Tube Jewellery | Red Dot Design Award

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Intricate cutwork

Across all eras, gold jewellery has always borne witness to both its place of origin and the artistry of its time. Thus, craftsmanship and innovative tech­nologies often enter into a symbiotic relationship. This collection of neckwear, bangles and rings has been created by using a special bending technique for tubes with unusual cross sections like star, arch and lotus. The thickness of the gold sheet used is as low as 0.2 mm, allowing for pieces of jewellery that are ultra-lightweight and use less material. Their distinctive appeal is in the further processing by using a precision laser cutting machine to intricate patterns onto the tubes. Establishing a new approach, familiar laser cutting has here been applied to round and square tubes with a width of only 2 to 2.5 mm. Even trian­gular cross sections can be processed to feature cut-outs on both the sides with superior quality finish and precision. The differentiation of these pieces of jewellery is further enhanced by setting diamond-studded units onto these sophisticated laser-cut tubes. This staggeringly novel design concept in the field of fine jewellery has also given birth to a sturdy 18-carat gold bangle. Made from round and square tubes, this bangle features intricate cutwork that adds to its beauty in gold with a weight of just four grams.

Statement by the Jury

This jewellery collection impresses with a design that subtly combines traditional craftsmanship with the use of innovative technology. It showcases appealing patterns cut by laser into tubes that have been bent from extremely thin gold sheet. The result of a complex production process, these pieces of jewellery amaze with pure manufacturing precision. Extremely light and elegant, they are imbued by a captivating, sensual expression.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    Titan Company Limited, India
  • In-house design:
    Saloni Kaushik Pooja Kabra (Project Mentor)
Ultra-Lightweight Laser-Cut Tube Jewellery | Red Dot Design Award
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