Red Dot Design Award
High-End Fine Pixel Pitch LED Unit

Unano Series

Unano Series | Red Dot Design Award

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Precision unit

At events and venues where there are no permanently installed displays, the organisers usually resort to rental concepts should a display be required. Unano is a high-end fine pixel pitch LED unit that has been designed explicitly to allow short-time assembly of a huge LED display. In the development stage, the pixel pitch of Unano was narrowed to 1.2 mm, which enables the LED unit to depict more details in the same size compared to other displays. The individual units feature a high-precision adjustable lock that guarantees quick assembly and perfect surface flatness when connected. With the subsidiary colour magnetic connector, Unano can also be assembled to form a curved screen. Being equipped with a dual backup system of power and signal, the unit can solve all kinds of unexpected situations on the spot. Thanks to a sophisticated magnetic design, the individual Unano modules can be replaced quickly using a special maintenance tool. Based on innovative COS technology, Unano delivers not only outstanding performance in display contrast ratio and flatness. At the same time, this technology also protects the LED lamps against water and physical damage. The panel design is based on an aesthetically pleasing geometric “X” shape, providing a more holistic and smooth visual experience when a number of panels are assembled together.

Statement by the Jury

The Unano LED display impresses as an exceptionally clear solution. The design convinces with a purism that projects an innovative, consistent aesthetics. Due to a minimised pixel pitch of only 1.2 mm, the unit achieves an excellent detail reproduction, even in a curved display screen configuration, delivering an astounding display experience. This goes along with a user-friendly functionality and a very simple on-site assembly.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    Unilumin, Shenzhen, China
  • In-house design:
    Qichao Zhao Jan Tu
Unano Series | Red Dot Design Award
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