Red Dot Design Award


UNION | Red Dot Design Award

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The concept of yin and yang leads the basic idea for Union. The two chairs in this furniture set are meant to be slotted and joined together to form a full circle, bringing about balance and reaching 'perfection' in a contemporary, tongue-in-cheek style. The seating of Union is made of metal weaved into a regular pattern that provides ergonomic comfort and comfortable for any body type. When the two chairs are connected into one, with the table in the middle, a beautiful mix of colours and curves emerges. The backrest and the legs of the table are designed to fit this unique mechanism perfectly. The cylindrical forms have morphed, and the 'union' is completed. The colours of the three components of Union are chosen to be harmonious but each would have its individuality as well. The colours are inspired by nature and provide many composition possibilities, allowing users to rearrange the components to their liking.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design studio:
    UNIUS DESIGN LAB, South Korea
  • Team Lead:
    Yang DoHyun
  • Design:
    Kim KwangSoo, Lee KunHyuk, Yoon SukHyun
UNION | Red Dot Design Award