Orientation System

University Clinics Salzburg – Paediatric Clinics

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In the course of a long-term master plan, reconstructions and new buildings at the university clinics campus in Salzburg, Austria, required a superordinate orientation system. The appearance of the new orientation system is characterised by strong colours, a logical outline of all information, a systematic nomenclature with simple names, letters and numbers, as well as by overall clarity. The consistent design also operates with strong individualised elements, predominantly the illustrative implementation at the paediatric clinic. The station for kids and teenagers spreads over five floors, each of which was dedicated to a specific topic: “Deep Sea”, “Deep Forest”, “Deep Space”, “Deep Jungle” and “Deep Munchie”. Humorous elements appear and disappear in different colours on the walls, doors and corridors, and playfully guide all visitors, not only the young patients, through the whole building. The child-oriented design thus facilitates quick and intuitive orientation, creating an atmosphere that exudes lightness.

Statement by the Jury

The orientation system for the paediatric clinic represents a highly sensitive and humorous design solution to provide both orientation and a sense of fun at an otherwise fear and insecurity-inducing location. Another outstanding feature, alongside creatively and charmingly designed elements, is that the system is not limited to panels but also integrates walls and doors, turning the walk through the building into an all-encompassing experience.

  • Client:
    SALK, Gemeinnützige Salzburger Landeskliniken Betriebsgesellschaft mbH, Salzburg
  • Design:
    buero bauer – Gesellschaft für Orientierung & Identität mbH, Vienna
  • Creative Direction:
    Erwin K. Bauer
  • Graphic Design:
    Tobias Schererbauer, Zahra Shahabi
  • Concept:
    Katharina Hölzl
  • Project Management:
    Rainer Stadlbauer