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Uprising Sounds

Uprising Sounds | Red Dot Design Award

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The 2nd BenQ Foundation Music Camp album is named “Uprising Sounds”, not only to imply that these musicians are young, but also to indicate their connection with the ocean. The music camp was held on the eastern coast of Taiwan and invited songwriters to compose new songs. The cover design is based on an aboriginal tradition of using the shell-flower leaf for packaging. The lyrics pages show a decorative wave pattern painted in watercolour to enable people to dive deeper into the songwriters’ minds and experience their love for the eastern coast and music.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Chia-Wei Lai, Taipei City Wei-Chia Lu, Taipei City
  • Client:
    BenQ Foundation, Taoyuan City
  • Publisher:
    Jennifer Chen
Uprising Sounds | Red Dot Design Award