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Urban Breeze

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Urban Breeze is a unisex fragrance line that was created to reflect natural elements of the earth, such as stones and wood, in a modern design. Targeted at both men and women, the design of the containers was developed from a plain rectangular shape. The simplicity of this shape was then harmonised with a touch of real-wood-like material for the bottom and for the original cap, which, in addition, shows the organic form of a stone to evoke a sense of nature when using the products. Basic black was chosen as the main colour for the containers in order to give them an air of dignity, while the soft-toned accent colour makes each product of the line stand out in terms of its own identity. Following a distinctive design concept, the box communicates continuation in creating fragrance containers for one and the same brand. The strictly formal design idiom is complemented by clear typography, turning this packaging into a consistently crafted design work.

Statement by the Jury

Thanks to its packaging design, the Urban Breeze fragrance line has emerged as a very beautiful and minimalist cosmetic series. Featuring clear rectangular and square shapes, combined with the organic form of a stone as well as natural materials and colours, the packaging lends the product an appearance that conveys premium quality and elegance.

  • Client:
    The SAEM International Co., Ltd., Seoul
  • Design:
    The SAEM International Co., Ltd., Seoul
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